Preston Drake-Hillyard

Photographer. Videographer. Coffee Drinker.

Reportage & Lifestyle
Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan 2011 - Firefighters battle city wide fires as power is restored following the earthquake and tsunami.
USMC EOD - Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center
Mercedes Vito - Commercial
Mercedes Vito - Commercial
Mercedes Vito - Commercial
KJ Byg

Facial hair aside, Prestons a multi-year award-winning photojournalist and native son of the Hawaiian Islands, having moved to Denmark in his formative teenage years. He’s been around, and hired to shoot photos and videos all over the world, or as he puts it colorfully, “My passport has more ink on it than Li’l Wayne”. Perfecting his craft over many years, he’s worked with numerous newspapers, magazines, the Associated Press, and local Danish titans across multiple industries such as culinary, art and music. Clients love that he’s not satisfied with a project until you are. With so many crazy stories of his own its no wonder he wants to help others brings theirs to life.

Still Photography
Photo Re-touching
Video, Film Production
Video Editing, Color Grading
DIT / Log and Load
Preston Drake-Hillyard
+45 22 43 66 30
Lille Strandstræde 20c, 
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